Please read important information regarding our enhanced protocols for sterility and disinfection.

Enhanced Protocols for Sterility and Disinfection

The focus on cleanliness and disinfection in our office has always been of paramount concern and commands an even greater importance in today’s post-pandemic environment. Consequently our office has heightened our standards across all platforms to protect the health of our patients and staff, meeting and exceeding standards of the Centers for Disease Control, American Dental Association, and World Health Organization. Below are just some of the measures we are taking to ensure the continued good health of all:

  • High efficiency (HEPA) filtration units installed throughout the entire office and in all treatment and administrative areas
  • Hourly disinfection of all hard surfaces (handles, countertops, door knobs, etc) in common areas (bathroom, reception area, etc)
  • Comprehensive Disinfection of all treatment areas after every patient
  • Barrier systems installed in all treatment areas to isolate individual areas& zones
  • Comprehensive plastic draping over all dental chairs, units, and x-ray heads disposed of after EVERY patient encounter
  • Use of disposable surgical gowns, N95 facemasks, face shields, bouffant caps,booties,etc.
  • Investment in POC (point of creation) high volume aerosol evacuation isounits in all hygiene and clinical treatment areas
  • Daily fogging of ALL areas of office with operating room hospital-level disinfectant for additional level of security
  • Patient pre-rinses prior to all treatment
  • Multiple layers of Patient pre-screening processes prior to entering the office
  • Temperatures taken of all patients prior to entering the office areaswith digital touchless thermometers
  • Daily monitoring and screening of staff, and temperature recording
  • Significant staff training on implementation of the latest disinfection protocols and techniques
  • Sterilization equipment monitored and spore testedby outside, independent laboratory services
  • Hand sanitizer use in all areas of office
  • Staggered appointments and social distancing between patient visits
  • Additional timeallocated between patient visits to accommodate  for expanded disinfection techniques